Monday, 10 May 2010

The Oil Spill in the Gulf Coast

Can we all please stop looking at this as such a larger disaster that nothing much can be done about and start to change the frequency of this event so we come together and change it that we can do.... we all have this innate ability to heal and if we come together with frequencies of love and light we can heal this wound of mother earth that has been given to us so we come together in love ..... anger is ok but we have to let go of having to crucify and blame others... to take responsibility is good yet we all are responsibly in some way.........

So lets come together and learn from our friends dolphins and whales and use frequencies we have to heal this cut of mother earth for oil is her blood that she gives to us and we all can without going to using other deadly products heal this cut and bleeding, just as our bodies can heal our cuts and wounds yet mother earth is asking us what we really want at this time.......

So lets all come together seeing this wound healed and the oceans...!/video/video.php?v=395535143770

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