Thursday, 20 May 2010

Energy shifts, Stargates, Seagates, Oil Spill, Consciousness shift.

There is a lot of energy shifts going on right now that seems to becoming the norm in many ways, yet there are just some energies that speak a bit louder than others! As a friend pointed out its more weird than the weird! This is something to do with that the mass consciousness is changing for the better more and more are waking up and becoming aware which is so wonderful as the information is getting out there in which ever means it is! The hundredth monkey effect is taking place!

Yet this is something that I feel is happening the Stargates and Seagates are starting to come online more and more and even the ones that have been controlled, I strongly feel they have no control over anymore to their affect! The gates are activating to help the changes that are going on. I say its down to our consciousness changes the more we come together the more this technology can help us! They are gateways to other places, universes, planets and yet they are part of earths grid system now! Oh and they are some seagates and stargates that some can not get to, they may know where they are but never been used like some others have as they haven't the knowledge of how to use some of them and also through the energy shifts some are doing their own things the gates are! This network between them and even the likes of the stone circles is working with the gates too as they are also gateways and so are the pyramids in one form, which are resonators, generators too!

The other day after the meditation to heal the oil spill, or volcano as it seems more to be in many ways, I felt this pressure build up there, which applies to many places over earth there is a balance to be done pressure has built up for such a long time and has been out of balance and now earth is asking us to help the balance with the shifts that are happening. Yet they are saying the oil spill is bigger than is known to be, with the underwater plume as whats on top and the the gas that came out too! Yet even in our consciousness we can change how all this goes down ~

~There is a story about some sailors in a small boat lost out at sea after abandoning ship and they ran out of supplies and fresh water to drink. So they all started to think and imagine and dream of fresh water around them and what it would taste like, after awhile one of them did cos of thirst tried the sea water from around the boat and low and behold it was fresh drinking water no salt! This water video shows how amazing water can be and yet how it can be influenced by frequencies too and its not just water either, we used to use frequencies to shift the stones and carve them too along time ago and communicate with them through our conscious minds, as we do with crystals that just seem to speak to us wonderfully!

So all those who are sending energy to mother earth and to seal the wound up and to help the ocean become clean again and all the beings in her oceans to be free from the effects of the oil and gas, we are having an affect already and are very much changing the outcome of it all, so when you hear the news of it being worse than they originally said and be grateful for the information presented to you to show you that there is still work to be done, for us still to work together, and yet the wheels are in motion already for it to all to be healed fully now. Some results are being seen in the actions of others and yet some is taking a little bit more to show, as it is still being strongly asked of us by mother earth to help with this shift to heal and bring her back into full beauty of this eden everywhere not just in select places! To see that beauty now in the oceans even though there is pollution, on land everywhere see the love and light through it all and it allows the change to happen.

To send love and forgiveness out to all those involved and even ourselves too, yes BP should take more responsibility for what has gone on but so should other oil companies and the other companies involved! They are in a world where its down to figures of money that matter well if we change how we react to them as we are already doing so then that will change more than it is already doing so!

I know many of us are doing anything we can in our own ways to help earth and everyone through our hearts to show the way forward is no longer through fear or wars but by coming together with our individuality that we each have working in our own ways and yet as one through our hearts in love and light! We are guardians of earth along with every other being who chooses to be here to show us back to our heart energy and to work with nature and to stop trying to conquer her! We are being shown the way forward and to take notice from all our friends who are so unconditionally loving towards us!

Much love and light to you all.
Namaste, Emily

Sunday, 16 May 2010

Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill Healing the Wound and Dispersing the Oil Meditation

What I have seen so far is all these amazing energies from people around this wonderful light being sent to the gulf of mexico to heal up this wound in the ocean floor.

For me personally so far this is what I have seen and felt and will back later on and look again too......

It was all very dark the ocean floor and then I went into the oil and asked why are you continuing to pour out and the answer was the pressure needed balancing before the hole could be closed up... so I allowed the pressure to balance on both sides of the wound.... then there was vortexes around the oil that had been coming out of the wound pulling it back down into where it came from so to help the balance and enable the wound to close up.

The oil that was left in the ocean affecting the beings there also had vortexes around it of beautiful light and I also asked anything that could clean the oil out of the ocean water to transform it so it no longer causes harm and some form of bacteria like beings were there to help do so! I was also hearing frequencies and seeing them to help the oil shift from our ocean and also frequency that would close the wound up in the ocean floor and balance the pressure once again!

I left all this in progress and I also sent love and light to all those involved in this even those who have created this situation and forgiveness too as in some ways they are only part of the game and ok some have to be held accountable for this to stop happening but yet be shown love and forgiveness too as well so we are stepping away from the reality that they created into the beautiful wonderous reality that we are creating right now for all by coming and working together through our heart energies! I will share more soon!
Love and Light to you all!

Monday, 10 May 2010

The Oil Spill in the Gulf Coast

Can we all please stop looking at this as such a larger disaster that nothing much can be done about and start to change the frequency of this event so we come together and change it that we can do.... we all have this innate ability to heal and if we come together with frequencies of love and light we can heal this wound of mother earth that has been given to us so we come together in love ..... anger is ok but we have to let go of having to crucify and blame others... to take responsibility is good yet we all are responsibly in some way.........

So lets come together and learn from our friends dolphins and whales and use frequencies we have to heal this cut of mother earth for oil is her blood that she gives to us and we all can without going to using other deadly products heal this cut and bleeding, just as our bodies can heal our cuts and wounds yet mother earth is asking us what we really want at this time.......

So lets all come together seeing this wound healed and the oceans...!/video/video.php?v=395535143770