Monday, 10 August 2009


I am so Excited I am getting the New Yoga Swing the Deluxe West Coast Version, which includes the 3 spring bar to hang it from which makes a difference,  soon as it is here I will get photos up and video :).  I go to the Pilates Studio and use the equipment and know that work with springs and having some padding makes a difference to how you can work out and what movements you can do, as there is just so much more you can do on this swing than you can with the other cheaper makes.

Also soon to be following will be new stand which is collapsible, yes you can put the yoga swing on a tree but the stand allows you to do a few more things and not everyone has the best weather as I know being in the UK, or is possible to attach the swing to the ceiling in their home, plus you can take it around with you wherever you like to go without having to find a beam so it means you can play on the beach and chillout too. Tone reminds me of the ingenious Joesph Pilates in the way he has developed the swing.

The new Stand