Sunday, 16 May 2010

Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill Healing the Wound and Dispersing the Oil Meditation

What I have seen so far is all these amazing energies from people around this wonderful light being sent to the gulf of mexico to heal up this wound in the ocean floor.

For me personally so far this is what I have seen and felt and will back later on and look again too......

It was all very dark the ocean floor and then I went into the oil and asked why are you continuing to pour out and the answer was the pressure needed balancing before the hole could be closed up... so I allowed the pressure to balance on both sides of the wound.... then there was vortexes around the oil that had been coming out of the wound pulling it back down into where it came from so to help the balance and enable the wound to close up.

The oil that was left in the ocean affecting the beings there also had vortexes around it of beautiful light and I also asked anything that could clean the oil out of the ocean water to transform it so it no longer causes harm and some form of bacteria like beings were there to help do so! I was also hearing frequencies and seeing them to help the oil shift from our ocean and also frequency that would close the wound up in the ocean floor and balance the pressure once again!

I left all this in progress and I also sent love and light to all those involved in this even those who have created this situation and forgiveness too as in some ways they are only part of the game and ok some have to be held accountable for this to stop happening but yet be shown love and forgiveness too as well so we are stepping away from the reality that they created into the beautiful wonderous reality that we are creating right now for all by coming and working together through our heart energies! I will share more soon!
Love and Light to you all!

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