Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Vibram Five Fingers

I have these Vibram Five Fingers Sprints for sale they are lilac and size W41 Unfortunately they don't fit and I had fitting advice they are about 1 inch to big totally gutted as took awhile to get them as got from Europe and post took awhile, when I got things from usa in 4 or 5 days these took over 14 days barmy isnt it? lol

So I am selling these so I can others that fit they are gorgeous in the flesh so if your feet are size 7 and half or eights these will fit you.

I am a 6 to 61/2 to 7 depending on what shoes I get as I followed the measurement to the guide and these came out too big and I could of had some sooner from the UK oh well never mind.

Also if you wish to buy them from me but not go through Ebay then contact me via here and make an offer, as for some reason they dont come up on ebay search for vibram five fingers which is no good if I am selling them its crazy ebay are getting worse I would never use them if there is a better site out there that gets high traffic.

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