Thursday, 17 June 2010

Soul Group work

From what I, Wendy, David and Sam got from our soul group circle on wednesday 2nd of June 2010.

Our Intent was to contact the best possible team for our soul group team to work with; to find out about them and to have a message for each of us to benefit from. Each of us received info in our own way but usually there was a common thread. We all went up to the highest layer of clouds on earth in meditative state.

I went up into nice relaxed state floating above earth with the angels asking to be shown our team who was there to work with us and well this being came to me which is a bit like the chinese dragon but it was very dark colour and couldnt make out energy to start with but knew it was ok as checked, also it was kinda bit more spikey than chinese dragon not sharp just more jagedy! lol! It was called Nargthan which is the race name for this being and well it took me down into inner earth darkness and shadows and is there to help balance the shift of pressure. Then after Nargthan showed me this it became most beautiful and bright and radiating light after and I was up again in the place we started from..... so it can change to fit in to show whats required.

Then I was speaking with the Zionions which is a race and Myruss collective from Andromeada and they were very etherial and spirit like in energy but yet form of dolphin and whale energy strongly coming through and they do physically manifest as them on earth in our oceans. Who are here to guide and assist us as they can do so. They were kinda just wafting around in energy but very calming and balancing and yet activating many things at the same time and letting the new energies flow through along the patterns and grid ways of earth!

I had the Arcturians next and felt like in a chamber on their ship just floating in this bubble chamber wonderful energy soothing and healing, and felt others in our group do so as well and it was releasing too and helping us to soak up the new information we were recieving.

Then I saw dark again it was black like crystal ship... it was black and crystal but think battle star galactica ship in that form! They are called the Metaphrons/ Metatrons! When speaking with them I did get this pain down left side of me and I was whoa what is this about and from excuse me!!! To which they said sorry we are just removing the toxins from your body and as they do so from earth they feed of the toxic energy and waste produced and use that energy... yet when there is no more of that energy left they just move on to where it is for them and they leave no damage only help to raise up and remove the old toxic and even new toxic energy. This is done from their own vibrational space..... as I was there looking and they working on me they are kinda dark looking beings! not in vibration though! It was like I was in the same space as them and them working on me yet I was in an entirely different universe without really having to travel.. no portal or stargate just simply from where I was to them instantly and they just work from where they are to here... very different but yet wonderful in many ways!

Next I got Dragons coming in that seem to be around us quite alot lately... huge beautiful dragons helping us and guarding.. these are from Alpha Draconis yet nothing to do with others who come from there, they are the guardians and keepers of certain codes and energies and the templars and are here to help open up the new frequencies to get the "free energy" to be easily accessible and put into work more and more much like how Mu, Lemuria and Atlantis used to function on and so do the craft, yet the dragons just travel with out craft as they are like the fairies and angels hey just go through to where they are needed.... coming from Alpha Draconis as they are bringing back what was taken and hidden there by others that is now for earth and others to work with once again!

Then I was just getting to the Engineers and the mechanics that popped up saying we are behind the Engineers! So now I have another name for the engineers thanks to work done on saturday with Wendy! Which is Actuarians (not to do with arcturians these are Actuarians) These engineers are quite high beings but interfered with things and us for a long time... on sat it was these in Atlantis that I had crystals placed in me as a child that thought would be wonderful tech but well down the line has had some negative impact too... now its all positive by keeping vibrations high and in the stream!  I got the impression the mechanics had enough of the way the engineers have been controlling and impeeding quite a few of us whilst giving us information..... they are both Actuarians yet different tasks in different ways! These beings are ones that we would of spoken to at times but totally forgot the experience of doing so! They are on our team as they would like to rectify some things as the mechanics of them have pointed out and there is a willing and able team of the Actuarian Mechanics and Engineers to help us....... with what part maybe working with crystals and tuning into what is very possible through them of energy source in various of ways more physically than before!

Wendy ~ was taken by the angels higher to another group who looked like the council of 12. Surprisingly the leader was not happy having to deal with us. They were not totally in accord with God's love light and truth so she went higher and met some beings who were Sirians. They showed her a world that was full of technology but very little green. They did not want Earth to end up the same way. They are semi physical on their own world but its lighter than ours so to us they are not physical. They are bigger than us and can be taken as Angels. They told her that I had a dark shadow following her. It was held in place by crystals in her body since Atlantis. This rang true to Emily as she'd been told about the shadow before and thought it had gone. Sam was shown to Wendy as a warrior queen having released all the programs and limiting behaviour of her conditioning. David was shown to Wendy also as a warrior with armour and lance. His helmet had a narrow slot so that he could only see one way. This was so he would focus and not get distracted by other interesting stuff. Wendy asked about his back and saw herself there to guard it.

When doing some healing work on clearing the blocks to new ideas and new technology, Wendy saw the block fall away and also saw the earth with lots of climate change ~ rain in the desert and forests in Siberia.

Sam ~contacted beings larger than us who said they were the NOW. There was  a lecture hall and she had to teach them how to make their eyes glow and shimmer. There was a hearse (doom and gloom) transforming into a crysalis (new life). We have to create the NOW and bring the whole world into the NOW. A baby turned into a foetus then a ball of Light.

David ~ got some names of Beings, Shish, Bozil, Morroshow. They were a family group with an energy of fire and passion. They were clearing a path for us and protecting us. We were the light and they were like the windows of a lighthouse. Thye wished to understand our environment. This group have family on Earth and they have been overcome with darkness so they want to help. They used the energy lines in the earth not portals. (This ties in with what Wendy was also told.)
The message was, the highest vibrations will prosper, darkeness is being uncovered now, the frequency of light is being raised and it will lift us all. Energy streams are all around us and we don't have to struggle to develop, we just tap into a stream and we are there. Its like an escalator, all of a sudden we are there. Many souls will be leaving the earth soon- in waves- don't get caught up with the fears around cataclismic events.

After what we all got we asked if we were required to heal mother earth in anyway to which we go the answer no at this time but to please work on help remove the barriers to technology that can help everyone live and use free energy and those who have been blocking the access of this help to allow it to come through and more be easily accessible to everyone!

Well I saw the earth with all these blocks and walls on her that to be removed through love and forgiveness as the ones who are really fighting against all the tech coming out in the open were so resistant in energy and kept trying to put the blockades back up and yet soon as the love and forgiveness of what they done they simply could no longer hold that energy and had to be open to letting it flow and there was much light flowing around once where the blockades were! Those who resisted the change in vibration just had to find that vibration they clung on to else where and others shifted into the vibration of being open and sharing the information out there and making everything more accessible to all!

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