Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Do you really know how dangerous your tampons are to your health?

Who of us know's what goes into the tampons and pads that you used during those 3-5 days every month... chemicals used in the main brands and the waste they cause! Nevermind the health implications to you just think unlike your skin your yoni has alot less protection to what it might absorb!

I went off tampons ages ago and then I found the organic tampons like Natracare and the pads they do http://www.natracare.com but yet still wasn't happy with them then one day I came across the sea pearl http://www.femininewear.co.uk/pearls-sponge-tampons-p-377.html which is natural and bio-degradable and they work wonderfully and simply. Ok you have to rinse them out every so often during the day but I wear them over night with no issues, easy to put in and take out and barely notice them, only time I do is when they get full!

There is what others use the different cups out there but that still never felt quite right to me, of plastic or silicon or latex, some maybe fine with that but me I rather go for more natural, if you use them and like the cups that's great just didn't feel right for me to use them and I am happy with the sea pearl sponges, ok you have to buy the sea pearls every 6 months but well I save money compared to using tampons or pads!

Here are Some Things to Think About:

Nearly all major brand tampons contain synthetic fibers.
Studies have found that Rayon, the synthetic fiber contained in commercial tampons, creates an ideal environment for the growth of the Staphylococcus aureus bacteria, which causes Toxic Shock Syndrome.
Major brand tampons are made of conventionally grown cotton which can be exposed to synthetic fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides and defoliants.
Plastic tampon applicators from sewage outfalls are one of the most common forms of trash on beaches.

Commercial tampons are the most unhygienic menstrual option on the market; they are a wad of material soaked in chemicals being inserted into a major orifice of your body where bacteria can mutliply in a warm, moist, porus place filled with nutritious menstrual blood.
As well as preventing your vagina from keeping itself clean it gives bacteria the perfect environment to multiply in, leaves fibres within the vagina, absorb vaginal fluids leading to vaginal splitting and ulcers that encourage bacterial growth, erode cells on the cervix, and contain chemicals, bleach, and additives that increase growth of harmful bacteria within the vagina as well as have been linked to serious health conditions such as cervical cancer, endometriosis, birth defects, infertility and miscarriage. Thus why tampons cause vaginal infections such as bacterial vaginosis and thrush, also why tampons cause toxic shock syndrome. Tampax are known to be the most harmful and unhygienic of the harmful and unhygienic because of the materials and chemicals they use on their products as well as their poor history when it comes to protecting women’s lives (TSS in the 1980’s and Dioxin scandal in the 1990’s were both down to their company). Commercial tampons are the only options to have cost women their lives - thus why so many people are trying to get their products taken off the shelves.

And you want fragranced pads or tampons more chemicals that can affect you and stop all your parts functioning naturally as possible.... really many of you are blinded by marketing of certain adverts of these products.... how its ever good to have these chemically fragranced tampons or pads in or under your yoni (vagina) what sense is there!!!!!

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Do your research see what feels most comfortable for you to wear in or near your yoni
great site for uk http://www.femininewear.co.uk/index.php

Although I am one to be inclined to say that us woman never really used to have menstruation as we know today which is partly down to diet and how we come to believe menstruation is a good thing, well I am still changing my diet and do feel that we barely used to have this issue a while ago as women, and I have to say depends on my diet does depend on how heavy I menstruate! I am on a raw diet, well it's a lifestyle choice and I am not totally raw either do have cooked but am mainly 80% raw food!

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